General Idioms

Get on the ball
Meaning: to get focused on the goal

Fill in the blanks
Meaning: figure out the rest on your own

It’s all flooding back to me
Meaning: beginning to remember something you once forgot

Easier said than done
Meaning: easy to say, but hard to actually do

Hold your horses
Meaning: wait/calm down

Can’t stand (something)
Meaning: to dislike something

I made a key decision
Meaning: make an important decision

A blessing in disguise
Meaning: seems bad, but it's actually good

I’ll toss it around
Meaning: to casually suggest an idea to people

Spur of the moment
Meaning: to make a random decision

Idioms by Category


In the bag
Meaning will definitely happen

In the nick of time
Meaning when something happens at the last possible moment

Inside scoop
Meaning the details

It’s all flooding back to me
Meaning beginning to remember something you once forgot

Kick the bucket
Meaning to die/no longer work

Kill two birds with one stone
Meaning accomplish two things at once

Laid back
Meaning relaxed

Last shot
Meaning Last chance

Leading someone on
Meaning having someone believe something that isn't true

Lend a hand
Meaning help someone out

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