General Idioms

Can’t stand (something)
Meaning: to dislike something

Hang on a second
Meaning: wait for a moment

Out of nowhere
Meaning: unexpected

Rally the troops
Meaning: to gather friends together

A piece of cake
Meaning: Easy

Let’s boogie on out
Meaning: et’s all leave together

No big deal
Meaning: no need to worry

Hang out
Meaning: spend time with a friend

Put a sock in it
Meaning: be quiet

Get on the ball
Meaning: to get focused on the goal

Idioms by Category


Put a sock in it
Meaning be quiet

Rally the troops
Meaning to gather friends together

Since day one
Meaning for a long time

Something’s fishy
Meaning something’s strange

Speak of the Devil
Meaning when you see someone/something happens unexpectedly while talking about them

Spill the beans
Meaning to tell the secret

Spur of the moment
Meaning to make a random decision

Stay on track
Meaning to stay focused on the goal

Stick with your goal/stick with it
Meaning to continue doing something

Take a chill pill
Meaning a way of telling someone to calm down

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