General Idioms

It’s all flooding back to me
Meaning: beginning to remember something you once forgot

Break a leg
Meaning: wishing someone to do well/ good luck

To touch base
Meaning: to contact someone

Lend a hand
Meaning: help someone out

Time flies
Meaning: time passes by fast

Big task on your hand
Meaning: having something important to finish

Check out that
Meaning: give that a look

Kill two birds with one stone
Meaning: accomplish two things at once

Stick with your goal/stick with it
Meaning: to continue doing something

Take him out of the picture
Meaning: remove him from the situation

Idioms by Category


Take him out of the picture
Meaning remove him from the situation

Take it easy
Meaning calm down

That’s tight
Meaning that’s awesome

The last straw
Meaning the last thing that causes everything to fail

The stars have aligned
Meaning the moment is right

Throw an idea around
Meaning casually suggest an idea

Time flies
Meaning time passes by fast

To touch base
Meaning to contact someone

Up a creek without a paddle
Meaning in a bad situation

What’s up?
Meaning How are you?

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