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“The Bible says our warfare is with the devil, not with people (Ephesians 6:12).”
Joyce Meyer

“Hard tasks need hard ways.”
Frank Herbert

“The unborn baby lies in a cage we call a womb. He has eyes but cannot use them, and a mouth that he has never eaten with. He has been innately equipped for a world he has not been exposed to. His innate instincts like sucking, seeing, walking, and sitting have never been utilized because no opportunity exists in his present safe and warm cocoon of development. He must be born and enter the world to discover the instincts imbued by his Creator.” 
T.D. Jakes

“If you're not failing, you're probably not really moving forward.”
John C. Maxwell

“It’s not the public opinion of what you are that matters, but the private personality of who you are!”
Israelmore Ayivor

“The truth is that leadership opportunities are plentiful and within reach of most people.”
John C. Maxwell

“A mind dominated by positive emotions, becomes a favorable abode for the state of mind known as faith.”
Napoleon Hill

“Courage is a habit that is learned by acting courageously whenever the quality of courage is required.”
Brian Tracy

“Real kings and queens are people whose heads are crowned with dreams as they sit on the throne of passion. They rule with visions in the regalia of inspirations!”
Israelmore Ayivor

“Drunkenness. This Greek word means overindulgence in alcohol. Alcohol may be used for medicine, but it can also become a terrible drug. The way it is used in our world is probably one of the great evils of our day. It is a self-inflicted impediment that springs from “a man taking a drink, a drink taking a drink, and drink taking the man.” Distilled liquors as we have them today were unknown in Bible times.12”
Billy Graham

“To all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces, to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world, our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.”
Barack Obama

“Your behavior will guide the behavior of the other members of your team or the people in your organization.”
Brian Tracy

“You are a child of the Most High God.”
Joel Osteen

“The night is a tunnel, she thought, a hole into tomorrow...”
Frank Herbert

“Nunca niegues tu propia experiencia y convicciones por mantener la paz y la calma.
John C. Maxwell

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