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“Never stop learning to be who you are meant to be just because you have found someone and decided to be like him/her.”
Israelmore Ayivor

“by literally millions whether in newspapers, magazines or today’s popular social media such as emails and Facebook. Through the generosity of Jim who is contributing his many years of work to be published in a book by the non-profit Napoleon” 
Jim Stovall

this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal ..."~~Barack Obama upon winning the Democratic nomination for presidency conveys his thinking of what that means ....for the world, Tuesday, JUNE 03, 2008” 
Barack Obama

“If you can believe the God who is perfect loves you then you can believe that you are worth loving.”
Joyce Meyer

“That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.”
Albert Einstein

“Christianity has become so respectable and so conventional that it is now insipid. The salt has lost its flavor.”
Billy Graham

“The same is true when it comes to getting healthy. You look in the mirror and believe that, with God’s help, you’ll get healthy even though the person staring back at you is exhausted, stressed, out of shape, or overweight.”
Rick Warren

“All, all dead: and ourselves left alone amidst a new generation whom we know not, and who know not us.”
Thomas Jefferson

“If by religion we are to understand sectarian dogmas, in which no two of them agree, then your exclamation on that hypothesis is just, "that this would be the best of worlds if there were no religion in it.” 
Thomas Jefferson

“The LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way? PROVERBS 20:24 NLT”
Joel Osteen

“many people have produced great results who were not “qualified.”
John C. Maxwell

“The story of Ivan Ilyich life was of the simplest, most ordinary and therefore most terrible". Tolstoy defines living an ordinary life as terrible - I really do have to agree!”
Leo Tolstoy

“don't wait, the time will never be just right”
Napoleon Hill

“They don't subscribe to our sense of morality; they don't believe in an afterlife; they don't believe in a God or religion. And the only morality they recognize, therefore, is what will advance the cause or socialism.”
Ronald Reagan

“We know from daily life that we exist for other people first of all, for whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.”
Albert Einstein

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